Auto Insurance Policyholder Dividends

It's All About Our Customers …

 "An insurance company that sends you money? NJM is a bright light in today's economy."

— R.D., Woodbine, NJ

From NJM's earliest days, an essential part of the Company's mission has been to share our success with policyholders. Perhaps nothing demonstrates this commitment more than our dividends, which have been returned to policyholders each year since 1918 for a total that now approaches $6 billion.

Regular Dividends are credited at the end of each 12-month policy period and are applied as a discount on renewal premiums. Personal auto policyholders are currently receiving a 5% Regular Dividend.

For the past 23 years — beginning in 1994 — NJM has also paid Special Dividends to personal auto policyholders. These dividends, which are sent by check in November and December, are being paid at a rate of 6% for policies written in 2015.