Trip Recording and Details

How does the NJM SafeDrive app work?

NJM SafeDrive uses sensors in your smartphone to measure rate of acceleration, braking, cornering, speed as well as any interaction with the smartphone when the app detects a trip is in progress. After a completed trip, individual scores are calculated for each of the measured driving behaviors as well as an overall score for the trip. These scores are available on your smartphone once the trip has ended.

What settings should be turned on or off on my smartphone for the app to work?

  • Location Services should be turned on and, if possible, set to High Accuracy.
  • Wi-Fi should be turned on.
  • Airplane Mode should be turned off.

How do I start or stop recording each trip?

User intervention is not required to start or stop trip recording. The app uses the smartphone's sensors to automatically start and stop each trip recording.

Why are my trips not recording as expected?

Trips may not record as expected if:

  • The participant is not logged in.
  • The smartphone battery level is below 15% when the trip begins.
  • Location Services are not turned on.
  • Mobile Data is not available. (Assuming the setting is not Wi-Fi only)
  • The trip was less than 1/3 mile.
  • The smartphone requires a software update.

Can other participants see NJM SafeDrive Trip Details?

Only participating drivers in your household will be able to see your Trip Details.

How do I update a driver for a trip if I was not driving?

From the Logbook, select the trip that needs to be updated. Select Edit and change the Role from Driver to Passenger. Trips can be edited up to 30 days after completion.

What is the impact of changing a Role from Driver to Passenger?

Only trips with a Role of Driver are used for scoring purposes. NJM SafeDrive requires a learning period to identify your Role as Driver or Passenger. You are encouraged to continue to review your trips and update your Role if necessary.

What is the impact of changing the Transportation setting from My Vehicle to Public Transit or Other?

If the Transportation setting is changed from My Vehicle to Public Transit or Other, the trip will not be counted in the scoring.

What is the impact of changing the Purpose setting from Personal to Business?

There is no scoring impact, but participants can use this setting to differentiate trips made for business purposes.

I use public transportation to get to work. Will the app record these trips?

Yes, however, NJM SafeDrive is designed to detect the mode of transportation as My Vehicle, Public Transit or Other. If the trip is incorrectly categorized, it can be changed in the Logbook. Select the trip that needs to be updated. Select Edit and change the Transportation setting from My Vehicle to Public Transit or Other.

Please Note: Airplane travel is categorized as Other.

I will be travelling and do not want to incur data use surcharges. Is there a way to pause the app during this time?

The Snooze feature will allow you to turn off trip recording for a specific period of time. Just choose Settings and select Snooze.

I drive an emergency or other non-private passenger vehicle. Will the NJM SafeDrive app record those trips?

NJM SafeDrive will record these trips. However, we recommend that you change the Transportation setting from My Vehicle to Other to exclude these trips from scoring.