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Helping Lower Claims Costs

Workers' Compensation Controlling Costs

Our Resources Can Bring Savings

We believe it takes more than handling claims when it comes to customer service. For more than 100 years, NJM has helped companies keep their workers' compensation costs down.

> 20% Savings
Our average medical cost per claim is more than 20% below the NJ average.*
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Medical, Legal And Safety Services

Many costs associated with workers' compensation insurance are considered manageable expenses. NJM offers services for medical utilization and physician billing review services and case management. Our Managed Care Organization’s health care professionals helps injured employees return to work as soon as possible.

NJM also employs 17 experienced, full-time attorneys whose sole responsibility is to represent our customers before New Jersey workers' compensation judges. Most are certified as workers' compensation insurance experts and are well known and respected in workers' compensation courts throughout New Jersey.

NJM offers the following resources to help policyholders prevent accidents and control their workers' compensation insurance expenses:

*Statewide average is over the last 5 years based on the latest NJCRIB data available.