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Safer Home Checklist

Use this checklist from the Institute for Business and Home Safety to help determine the risk factors to keep in mind. Full Story

How to Keep Water Damage from Soaking Your Wallet

A study of closed insurance water damage claims by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) identifies leading causes of interior water damage and offers solutions for minimizing the risks. Full Story

Annual Plumbing Inspection

Inspections and maintenance can identify and solve problems before major damage occurs. Full Story

Reduce Basement Flood Risks

Follow these steps to reduce the risk of repeated flooding. Full Story

Preventing Storm Damage

It is important to properly protect your home sooner than later. Here are some tips from the Institute for Business and Home Safety on what steps you should take. Full Story

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Recovering After an Event

Suffering a loss to your home is a devastating and traumatic event. In the moments after a disaster turns your home into a ruin, it's natural to feel lost. Full Story

Ask the Right Questions After an Event

Here are some questions that people frequently ask their insurance representatives after a major loss due to disaster. Full Story