We're People Helping People

Introduce NJM to Your Employees

Are you a business owner, benefits administrator or human resources manager interested in enhancing your company's employee benefits program? If so, you should consider introducing the Visiting Insurance Professionals (VIP) Program to your employees.

But why?

Reason #1: Knowing Who Matters Most

NJM has faithfully served our policyholders for more than 100 years, and we haven't strayed from our roots of operating exclusively for the benefit of customers. We don't have stockholders whose concerns about profits conflict with policyholders receiving exemplary service and fair claims handling.

In fact, NJM has earned a national reputation for outstanding customer and claims service, and is regularly a top performer in national consumer surveys and studies conducted by leading market research firms.

Reason #2: It's Easy

All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we'll take it from there. With the VIP Program, licensed representatives will visit your workplace and assist employees with their auto and homeowners insurance needs. We are available at your convenience to attend benefits fairs, staff a table in your cafeteria, or meet one-on-one with employees. Because of our extensive work with small and medium sized businesses, as well as enterprise organizations, we are successful in working with companies of any size.

Reason #3: It's Important

Maintaining appropriate auto and homeowners insurance is an often overlooked piece of the financial planning process. During one-on-one meetings with employees, we can review their existing auto and homeowners insurance policies and potentially make them aware of coverage deficiencies. As part of these discussions, we provide your employees with on-the-spot NJM quotes so they can see how our coverage compares to their current policy. Our focus is on educating your employees so they become better informed consumers.

Reason #4: No Additional Costs

For employers, making NJM available to employees within the workplace is a way to offer an additional perk at no extra cost.

Reason #5: Ongoing Support

Our account managers will continue to help your company maximize awareness of NJM. They will work with your human resources or benefits personnel to determine the best ways to build employee awareness of the VIP Program. In addition to site visitations, we make available the following for employees: branded marketing materials, a dedicated landing page, tele-enrollment meetings, and direct mail campaigns.