Safety and Awareness

NJM's Teen Driver Safety Program

NJM launched its Teen Driver Safety Program in 2013, in honor of its 100th anniversary. This award-winning presentation was developed to help teens stay safe behind the wheel and is presented by two retired police officers with more than 50 years collective traffic safety experience.

The presentations, offered at no cost to New Jersey high schools, include information on distracted, impaired and fatigued driving and New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License laws. Now in its fourth year, the program has been presented at nearly 200 unique high schools across New Jersey to more than 75,000 students.

Meet the NJM Safety Officers

Carsten Boethig, a former NJ State Police lieutenant, became NJM’s first Teen Driver Safety Officer in 2013 after 25 years on the force.

Carsten Boethig, a retired State Police Lieutenant, has represented NJM as the Company's first Teen Driver Safety Officer. As part of his 25 years on the force, Boethig spent 12 years as a road duty officer, investigating and assisting with many serious and fatal crashes. His most recent position before retirement was as the unit head of the School and Traffic Safety Unit, which included responsibilities for enforcement and education of teen driver safety for the State Police, as well as supervising 18 Troopers who were assigned as school resource officers.

Following 25 years as a West Windsor Township police officer, Pat McCormick joined NJM as a Teen Driver Safety Officer in 2014.

Pat McCormick joined NJM in 2014. He previously served as a West Windsor Township Police Officer for 25 years. He spent 11 years in the Patrol Division and has investigated and supervised numerous serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents. The last six years of his career, Pat served as a Patrol Lieutenant and supervised the Patrol Division as well as the Traffic Bureau.

As part of NJM’s Teen Driver Safety Program, the Company, in partnership with the UGOTBRAINS? Champion Schools Program, has awarded driving simulators to 68 high schools in New Jersey since 2011. The simulators present challenging situations — including impaired driving — in a controlled environment in which teens can learn and practice good-driving behaviors to prepare them better for real-life scenarios.

In October 2016, NJM was awarded the National Safety Council’s (NSC) Teen Driver Safety Leadership Award in recognition of the Company’s driver education programs and commitment to teen driver safety. The prestigious award is given annually by the NSC and the General Motors Foundation to individuals or organizations that work to improve teen driver safety and save lives through dedicated community outreach and innovative educational programming.