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NJM’s experienced professionals can conduct presentations to assist in your efforts to reinforce and improve your employees' safety awareness. NJM’s safety presentations are intended to enhance your existing safety program, and are not a substitute for your responsibility to maintain a safe work environment and eliminate hazardous conditions.

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Program Descriptions

Topics of discussion include the following:

  1. A supervisors' responsibility in an ongoing proactive safety process.
  2. The definition of unsafe act and unsafe condition.
  3. The definition of incident and accident. Guidelines for effective accident investigation. Accident investigation workshop activity with emphasis placed on prevention.
  4. Proactive strategies which can be used to communicate and promote safety awareness and employee involvement in an ongoing safety process.

The typical program is approximately one hour.

There is a brief discussion on the basic anatomy of the back and the five body movements that often result in strains — lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and reaching. Emphasis is placed on using proper body mechanics, posture, nutrition, fitness and stress reduction to reduce acute injuries and the cumulative effect of chronic injuries.

The typical program length is 45 minutes to one hour.

This program provides assistance to healthcare facilities in developing a safe patient handling policy. It emphasizes the use of mechanical equipment and assistive devices for most patient handling tasks. By implementing this program, you may minimize the potential for strain injuries associated with these tasks.

The typical program is approximately one hour.

This presentation covers the classroom portion of the training requirements. The topics reviewed include the general truck-related and workplace-related topics.

The typical program is approximately one hour.

This program is designed to develop an awareness of why some drivers have a better record than others in the areas of vehicle abuse, traffic violations and collisions. Topics of discussion include the following:

  1. Five qualities of a safe driver.
  2. Six conditions that often lead to a collision.
  3. Seminar discussion regarding road rage prevention.
  4. Accident reporting procedures.

The typical presentation is 45 minutes to one hour.

This program addresses the supervisors' role and responsibilities in an effective work site safety program in a retail and/or supermarket environment. The main goal of this program is to achieve a reduction in lost time accidents, through your supervisors' involvement, by:

  1. Improving understanding of the causes and the cost impact of accidents,
  2. Demonstrating the positive effect that safety awareness and employee training can have,
  3. Teaching specifics on safe practices and employee training, and
  4. Emphasizing the need for a Temporary Alternate Duty Program.

The typical program is approximately one hour.