Advancing the Future of Teen Driver Safety

The partnership is aimed at preparing teenagers to drive safely. The innovative assessment is based on the most serious crash scenarios and identifies specific deficits to provide a personalized feedback report. The report supports young drivers and their parents with safe driving tips, videos, and a comprehensive practice plan.

Research shows that 75 percent of young driver crashes are due to driver error. Identifying areas of concern and providing tools to develop safer driving skills before teens begin to drive independently is essential to reducing their crash risk.

The program is grounded in over a decade of young driver research which found high-quality, parent-supervised driving practice is crucial in reducing teen driver crash risk.

NJM Partners with CHOP

As part of its enduring commitment to safety, NJM has partnered with Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP) to improve teen driver safety. Recognized as a leading auto insurer and teen driver safety advocate in the Mid-Atlantic region, NJM is supporting CHOP with a grant to implement virtual driving assessment (VDA) for teen drivers at select CHOP Primary Care locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Teen Driver Safety Report

NJM has published a report that highlights how regional partnerships help drive our commitment to teen driver safety. The report describes our collaborative approach to administer and support evidence-based programming that empowers students, parents, and teachers with the resources they need to be safe behind the wheel.

Other NJM Programs

Share The Keys
Share The Keys

A 60-minute, interactive program for parents and their teen drivers. The program increases awareness and encourages community involvement to help keep teen drivers safe. Currently offered in NJ and PA. Schedule a Presentation.

What Do You Consider Lethal?

An evidence-based, award-winning program created by our partners at Impact Teen Drivers. This engaging program is designed to help teens avoid reckless and distracted driving by making responsible decisions.

“Parents who set rules, offer support and monitor their teen’s driving can reduce their teen’s crash risk by as much as 50 percent.”

Teen Driver Safety Facts

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and disability among teens across the nation. Our research-driven programs measurably shift behaviors and attitudes, reducing the risk of teen crashes. Read the facts about teen drivers.

Just one hour of practice driving a week can reduce a teen’s chance of crashing. Work SAFE practice driving into your family’s daily schedule:

Shopping Trips

Navigate commercial districts, parallel parking, and pedestrian traffic.


Practice safe habits and learn alternative routes.

Family Outings

Experience additional passengers and new roadways, including highways and toll roads.


Practice and adapt to constructive feedback.

Tips To Make Sure Your Teen Is a Safe Driver

Just one hour of practice driving a week can reduce a teen’s chance of crashing. Work SAFE practice driving into your family’s daily schedule: