Do You Need Insurance To Drive Someone Else’s Car?

You don’t need auto insurance to drive another person’s car occasionally. When you borrow a car, the vehicle's auto insurance should apply to damages or injury you may cause. Insurance coverage can vary depending on the insurer, so vehicle owners should check with their insurance company to be certain.

There are several scenarios in which you aren’t covered when driving someone else’s car.

  • You didn’t get permission
  • You live in the same household and aren’t on the policy
  • You’re an excluded driver on their policy
  • You don’t have a driver’s license

For the insurance to apply, you must have the owner’s permission, and their policy can’t prohibit non-named drivers. Be aware that you could still be liable for damages exceeding the vehicle owner’s policy limit.

Consider getting non-owner car insurance to protect yourself if you don’t have auto insurance for those occasional uses or frequently drive a friend’s or relative’s car.

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