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Does Renters Insurance Cover Moving?

Renters insurance covers your property as long as it's in your care, custody, and control. Once you hand it over to a moving company, you might not be covered.

Contact your insurance representative to confirm that you have adequate coverage for damage while moving. Your representative might recommend adding special coverage for expensive items, or for costs above the moving company's liability limit.

Property in the Custody of Movers

You might not be covered for damage caused by a moving company. That's because movers take your personal property into their care, custody, and control when they pick it up. As a result, they become liable for any damage to your property, and their insurance policy could cover damage to your stuff. You might need to pay for this insurance as part of your contract.

It's important to read your contract with the moving company to fully understand what you'll be covered for in the case of damage to your belongings.

Injury to Movers

You might decide to hire a mover because you have some items that are just too heavy for you to carry on your own. If one of your movers injures themselves during the move, their injuries should be covered by their company's workers' compensation insurance.

However, if you forgo the moving company for your neighbors or friends, you might be liable for any injuries sustained during the move.

Property in the Bed of Your Truck

Renters insurance covers your belongings for certain types of perils, or causes of damage. So, while your policy might cover theft or fire damage, it won't cover jostling in the bed of the truck.

Coverage at Your New Place

Notify your insurance company of your change of address within 30 days of your move. In the meantime, your policy will cover your personal property in a new residence.

After 30 days, coverage for your items drops to 10% of their value, or $1,000, whichever is greater. In order to maintain full coverage, you'll need to notify your insurer and have a policy written for your new address.

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