Employee Benefits

HealthCare and Prescription Plan

NJM offers full-time employees and their dependent family members BlueCard PPO, a preferred provider organization administered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Dental Benefits Plan

Delta Dental of New Jersey provides NJM's employee dental coverage. Generally, full-time employees and their dependents become eligible for dental benefits on the first of the month following their start date.

Basic, Supplemental, Spousal and Dependent Life Insurance

An employee is entitled to a life insurance benefit roughly equivalent to a maximum of two times his or her annual salary (up to $50,000). Supplemental coverage is available at a reasonable cost, which is automatically withheld from each paycheck. Dependent Life provides life insurance for your children through the end of year in which they turn 23 years of age. Spousal and Additional Supplemental Life Insurance is also available.


NJM offers both short and long-term disability benefits to employees who are unable to work due to a prolonged illness or injury not related to work. Depending on years of service, an employee may be eligible for 100% of his or her salary for a certain number of weeks. Base pay drops to a certain percentage of salary thereafter. If a disability last more than 26 weeks, an employee may be eligible for benefits, provided he or she satisfies the requirements established by the Plan insurer.

401(k) Plan

Employees can elect to save a percentage of their salary in the plan (pre-tax and up to the IRS limits), which the Company then matches dollar-for-dollar, up to 8%. In addition, employees will receive an additional NJM contribution annually based on the number of years of service.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows a full-time employee to make effective use of his or her money by using pretax dollars to pay for dependent care expenses, unreimbursed medical expenses, or both.

Employees are eligible to participate in the unreimbursed medical FSA after one year of service.

Post-Retirement Benefits

Participants retiring from active service with NJM may have an opportunity to maintain HealthCare Plan and Life Insurance coverage.