Having a Baby

An event of almost indescribable joy and wonder — it's also life-changing and can therefore leave you feeling overwhelmed. You may have an idea about what to expect, but you quickly realize that the only thing you can bank on is that you won't be getting enough sleep for a long time.

Here are some tips to help you through the exciting journey of parenthood.

Choose the Right Car Seat

You’ll be driving around with the most precious cargo you’ve ever had in your car. There are a lot of car seats to choose from, so do your research with safety being the primary focus.

  • Infant-only seats can only be used rear-facing.
  • Follow the directions and ensure that the seat is installed properly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides helpful tips for selecting a safety car seat for the newest member of your family.

Speaking of Car Seats, Be Wary of Hand-Me-Downs

Friends and family will probably try to clear out their attics by offering you clothing and other items that their children have outgrown. You may not want that bib that looks like it has been through one too many jars of mashed bananas, but gently-worn clothing, such as onesies or footie pajamas, can save a lot of money.

There some things that you’ll want to buy brand new due to expiration dates and ongoing safety enhancements. These types of items include bath toys, cribs and car seats.

This article offers some additional advice about hand-me-down baby items.

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

If you currently have a life insurance policy, you may want to consider increasing your amount. If you don’t have a policy, you may want to consider purchasing a policy now that others are dependent on you.

As far as health insurance, your job-based or individual market provider, probably regards having a baby as a Qualifying Life Event, which makes you eligible to add your family’s newest addition to your plan during a Special Enrollment Period.

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, but when it comes to having a baby, you don't need to let us know … until your child is ready for a learner’s permit.

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