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NJM SafeDrive Go Frequently Asked Questions

Applies to Maryland only


What is NJM SafeDrive Go?

NJM SafeDrive Go is a voluntary program that encourages safer driving and offers a discount on your car insurance, if you choose to participate. A smartphone app is used to measure driving behaviors and provide feedback to you and information to NJM regarding your acceleration, braking, cornering, distracted driving, and speed. The app measures the following data points:

  • Acceleration — sharp increases in speed
  • Braking — hard braking occurrences
  • Cornering — the angle and speed of a turn
  • Distracted Driving — handling or interaction with the smartphone while the vehicle is in operation
  • Speed — measured and compared to the posted speed limit

What are the benefits of NJM SafeDrive Go?

  • Gives a discount for participating in the program
  • Provides insight into driving behavior
  • Creates a learning opportunity for newer drivers
  • Allows you to participate in friendly competition with other participants through the Leaderboard

Which devices are supported?

The app is compatible with most iPhones and Android smartphones. Your device is eligible if you are able to download the NJM SafeDrive Go app from Google Play or the App Store. Tablets, smartwatches, and Windows smartphones are currently not supported.

How do I enroll in NJM SafeDrive Go?

To enroll, select the NJM SafeDrive Go option when purchasing your policy. Each driver who enrolls will receive a text message with instructions on downloading the app. Any covered driver who has a compatible smartphone can participate.

Will NJM sell my driving data to third parties?

NJM will not sell your information to third parties. The data collected by the smartphone app is owned by NJM and may be used to analyze participants' driving behavior. See the NJM Privacy Policy and the SafeDrive Go Privacy Policy for more information.

What if a driver using NJM SafeDrive Go gets in an accident?

We will not use NJM SafeDrive Go data for claims purposes without your consent. However, we will release the data if legally required. See the NJM Privacy Policy and the SafeDrive Go Privacy Policy for more information.

Trip Recording and Details

How does the NJM SafeDrive Go app work?

NJM SafeDrive Go uses sensors in your smartphone to measure rate of acceleration, braking, cornering, and speed, as well as any interaction with the smartphone when the app detects a trip is in progress. After a completed trip, individual scores are calculated for each of the measured driving behaviors as well as an overall score for the trip. These scores are available on your smartphone and to NJM once the trip has ended.

What smartphone settings should be turned on or off for the app to work?

  • Location Services and Precise Location should be turned on.
  • Allow Location Access should be set to Always.
  • Motion and Fitness should also be turned on.
  • Battery Saver mode should be turned off.
  • Airplane Mode should be turned off.

How do I start or stop recording each trip?

User intervention is not required to start or stop trip recording; however, your phone must be turned on. The app uses the smartphone's sensors to automatically start and stop each trip recording.

Why are my trips not recording as expected?

Trips may not record as expected if:

  • The participant is not logged in.
  • Battery Saver mode is not turned off.
  • The smartphone battery level is below 10% when the trip begins.
  • Location Services are not turned on.
  • Mobile Data is not available and the Upload Only over WiFi setting is disabled.
  • The trip was less than 1/3 mile.
  • The smartphone or mobile app requires a software update.

Can other participants see NJM SafeDrive Go trip details?

Only the participants of a Family Sharing group in the NJM SafeDrive Go app will be able to see your trip details including:

  • Start and end time
  • Duration
  • Date
  • Mileage
  • Trip score and score for each scoring variable
  • Driving speed (if a speeding event is triggered)
  • A map identifying the trip route and location and severity of each trip event
  • Last known location based on GPS tracking.

How do I update a driver for a trip if I was not driving?

Select the driver icon at the top right corner of the Trip Details screen. Select the method of travel you want to update. Trips can be edited up to 30 days after completion.

What is the impact of changing a role from Driver to Passenger?

Only trips with a role of Driver are used for scoring purposes. NJM SafeDrive Go requires a Learning Period to identify your role as Driver or Passenger. You are encouraged to continue to review your trips and update your role if necessary.

I use public transportation to get to work. Will the app record these trips?

Yes, however, NJM SafeDrive Go is designed to detect the mode of transportation as Driver, Passenger, Public Transit, or Other. If the trip is incorrectly categorized, it can be changed in the Trip Details screen. Select the trip that needs to be updated. Select the Driver icon and change the Transportation setting from Driver to Public Transit or Other.

Please Note: Airplane travel is categorized as Other.

I will be traveling and do not want to incur data use surcharges. How can I pause the app during this time?

The Snooze feature will allow you to turn off trip recording for a specific period of time. Just choose Settings and select Snooze.

I drive an emergency or other non-private passenger vehicle. Will the NJM SafeDrive Go app record those trips?

NJM SafeDrive Go will record these trips. However, we recommend that you change the Transportation setting from My Vehicle to Other to exclude these trips from scoring.

Scoring and Leaderboard

How are my scores calculated?

The scores are based on a weighting of the low, medium, and high events (for acceleration, braking, speed, cornering, and distracted driving). The length of the trip is also taken into consideration.

A driver and passenger in the same vehicle received different scores. Why are the scores different?

Smartphones differ in model and operating system and use different sensors, which may result in a scoring fluctuation. Passengers using their smartphones during the trip may also result in a fluctuation in scoring.

What is the Leaderboard feature?

The Leaderboard is an interactive feature that allows you to compare your driving scores to other NJM SafeDrive Go participants. The Leaderboard resets each month and is for informational purposes only. The Leaderboard shows your selected display name and user image, your Leaderboard level, and your driving scores.

How can I add or remove myself from the Leaderboard?

You are automatically included in the Public Leaderboard as an NJM SafeDrive Go participant. As a standard feature, your username will not be visible to other public users. You cannot remove yourself from Leaderboards as a program participant.

How do I set up a Family Sharing group for my family and friends?

Once you join NJM SafeDrive Go, select the Family Sharing banner on the dashboard. You can search for other drivers using their NJM SafeDrive Go display name or email address. Select Next, enter a name for your Leaderboard, and select Create. The driver(s) you invite will receive a notification in their NJM SafeDrive app which they must accept to join your Leaderboard.

Data Usage and Smartphone Information

Will the app use my smartphone's data plan?

The NJM SafeDrive Go app uses minimal amounts of data. The app will automatically use WiFi, if available, before using your data plan. If data use is a concern, enable the Upload Only over WiFi setting. Trips will be recorded and will automatically upload once the smartphone is connected to a WiFi network.

How much battery power does the mobile app consume?

The mobile app uses the phone's GPS while driving. Battery usage is similar to other GPS applications.

Please Note: The battery must be charged at least 10% for the trip detection to start.

What security is in place to protect my trip data?

The protection of policyholder information is extremely important to us. Trip data is collected and used in accordance with an end-user license agreement and NJM's Privacy Policy.

Will trip data impact storage space on my phone?

No. Although scores and other trip information can be viewed in the NJM SafeDrive Go app, your trip data is not stored on the phone and will not impact storage capacity.

What should I do if I get a new smartphone?

Download and install the NJM SafeDrive Go app and log in using your User ID (email address used to enroll in the program) and password. You will be prompted to select the new phone to be used to record trips and should select Yes, use this phone.

What should I do if I lose my phone?

Contact NJM so that we can disable your account to prevent access to your trip details.

How do I stop participating in NJM SafeDrive Go?

Contact NJM to have yourself removed from the program. Once you stop participation, you must delete the NJM SafeDrive Go app from your smartphone.

Please note: The NJM SafeDrive Go discount will be removed for the driver requesting removal from the program. This may impact their policy premium.