Benefits of Using an Independent Agent

NJM works with a select network of independent agents to meet the complex insurance needs of businesses.

Working with an agent to obtain Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto, ProPack Commercial Package Policy, ProEdge Businessowners Policy, or Commercial Excess and Umbrella insurance can benefit your business. Here’s why.

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They know about insurance

And they understand that insurance can be confusing. Independent agents are there to answer your questions. They can help your business navigate the quote, policy, billing, and claims documents you receive from an insurance company. As licensed industry experts, agents are valuable resources for ensuring your business has the coverage it needs.

They understand your industry

A business’s insurance needs can be complex depending on its size and industry. Many independent agents have insight into specific industry needs. Your agent can advise you of the risks your business faces and the coverages it needs. They can also help you apply for coverage, review each quote, and select the policy that’s best for your business.

They know all the right people

An independent agent speaks on your behalf. Even if your business has unusual risks or characteristics, an independent agent can help you secure coverage. An agent is able to use their connections in the industry to find the best match for a policyholder.

They are there for you when you need them

Independent agents give your business the personalized attention it needs. They help to ensure all your business’s needs can be met, no matter how complex. As NJM offers more insurance products to businesses, it’s important that we maintain the level of service, integrity, and financial stewardship that has defined us for over a century. Agents can help you secure the coverage you need using their industry experience, knowledge, and connections. Meanwhile, our Contact Center and Claims Representatives remain committed to delivering a superior customer service experience when you need to interact with us directly.

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