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Focus on Safety: Commercial Auto

Protect your vehicles and employees with a comprehensive safety program. A formal safety program can identify potential hazards and outline procedures that help employees stay informed and keep safety a priority. Safety programs are essential to businesses of all sizes and include several parts:

In a culture of safety, accident prevention is top of mind for all executives, employees, and contractors. Clear policies, goals, and plans are communicated at every level of the company. Employees know the procedures to report safety concerns, injuries, and property damage.

All employees should participate in safety training sessions before they start the job and regularly afterward. Consider holding seasonal training designed to prepare drivers for the risks they can expect as the weather changes.

Request access to our on-demand training video library, which contains several driving safety videos.

Clearly defined policies help employees understand your expectations. For example, you can reduce the risk of motor vehicle accidents by implementing a cell phone policy and educating your drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.

Identify appropriate ways to monitor driving skills and safety programs. Some tools, like telematics, can catch problems at their source before they cause an accident.

If a policyholder has a telematics solution, we will take that into consideration when assessing our risk acceptability and pricing.

NJM offers the highest levels of customer service and is committed to workplace safety. Policyholders can request on-site loss prevention evaluations to help identify and correct safety issues. To learn more, visit