Motorcycle ATV
Be Covered on the Street, Track, Dirt, or Golf Course

New Jersey Motorcycle and ATV Insurance

Whether it's riding the Parkway or trails in Millville, this is what makes you happy. We get it. That's why NJM is committed to protecting you and your ride whether it has 3 wheels or 50cc. Having that joy interrupted because of a mishap can be upsetting, which is why we partnered with a nationwide provider of specialty insurance.

Ride the Way You Want

Through our partnership with American Modern, you get access to policies that include replacement cost coverage and $3,000 in accessory coverage.

What You Ride, We Insure

  • Cruiser
  • Dirt bike
  • Standard motorcycle
  • Touring
  • Dual purpose
  • Supersport
  • Trike conversion
  • Scooter or moped
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