Protecting Your Future

Pennsylvania Umbrella Insurance

Coverage for the Unexpected

An umbrella policy provides additional liability insurance, which gives you added protection for damages that exceed the limits of your car and home insurance policies in the event you are sued. Any number of incidents, such as a serious car crash or household accident, could lead to a gap in your insurance protection. An umbrella policy can help close that gap.

Added Protection for Your Auto Policy

In the event of a lawsuit resulting from a car accident, your umbrella policy limit will provide another level of protection above the liability limit of your auto policy.

Safeguarding Your Home from Liability

Unfortunately, accidents happen in the home, sometimes resulting in serious injuries to visitors, which could lead to a significant liability claim against the homeowner. A neighbor slips on an icy sidewalk, your guest trips and falls down the stairs, or a pet dog bites someone. An Umbrella policy will give you additional protection for liability claims beyond your Homeowners policy limits.

See If You're Eligible

Umbrella policies are available to current NJM auto policyholders and auto applicants, once their auto policy is purchased.

How Much Does It Cost?

Umbrella polices are more affordable than you might think. A $1 million PA umbrella policy for a customer with two cars and one home would cost between $188–$410, in most cases. So, for approximately $1 a day you can have added peace of mind. The price of the policy will vary based on your specific liability exposures, property location, and the coverage limit chosen. Limits up to $10 million are available, subject to underwriting review. Your auto and homeowners policies each need to have a minimum liability of $500,000 and members of homeowners or condominium associations need to have a minimum of $50,000 in loss assessment protection.

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