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Home is Where the Work Is

It might have been when you first joined NJM as a policyholder after buying your first car. It might have been when you had a question about your homeowners policy, or when you had to file a claim. Whatever the circumstances, we trust that you heard a friendly, reassuring voice when you called.

Most of you will never have the opportunity to meet the person behind that voice, or the many others who work behind the scenes to manage policyholder needs. Like most companies during the pandemic outbreak, the majority of our employees are working from home — not from their office desks — for their safety and to support community stay-at-home efforts.

Nevertheless, while the venue has changed, our commitment to service for the benefit of NJM policyholders has not. As part of our core value to continuously improve the customer experience, we have contingency plans for the unexpected — such as this pandemic. It allows us to continue to maintain service to policyholders and provide them with value-added solutions to suit their needs even in times of substantial uncertainty.

In the meantime, we thought you might want to see the faces of some of the people who help make NJM run. Chances are, you might have even talked to one of them!