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Facilitators play two important roles in Share the Keys (STK), acting as advocates to help bring the program to their local community and presenting the orientation along with NJM. Facilitators help parents and teens understand the Graduated Driver Licensing process, the risks involved and how to avoid them. They also engage parents and teens by providing information, experiences and resources that will help develop safe driving skills for life.

Facilitators are asked to attend a one-day training session. This is an engaging and interactive professional development workshop that provides participants with the tools and resources needed to effectively deliver and administer a successful STK program. Training workshops are conducted throughout the state, and include a comprehensive review of the research and theories used to build the evidence-based content and delivery style of the program. All participants who successfully complete the full-day training will become certified Share the Keys facilitators and receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Click here to see our checklist for hosting a successful STK orientation.

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