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Share the Keys

Become a Share the Keys Facilitator

Become a Facilitator

Facilitators play two important roles in Share the Keys (STK).

  • They act as advocates to help bring the program to their local community

  • They present the orientation along with NJM.

Facilitators help parents and teens understand the Graduated Driver Licensing process, the risks involved, and how to avoid them. They also engage parents and teens by providing information, experiences, and resources that will help develop safe driving skills for life.

We ask facilitators to attend a one-day training session. This professional development workshop provides the tools and resources needed to effectively deliver and administer a successful STK program.

Share the Keys Program Planning Checklist

Becoming a Share the Keys Facilitator is just one step in the planning process for a Share the Keys event. Make your event a success by completing all stages of the planning process:

  • Build your Share the Keys team (co-facilitators, volunteers, student government, NHS, boosters, PTA/PTO/HSA, SADD, etc.).

  • Schedule a planning meeting with the Share the Keys team.

  • Determine whether the presentation will be mandatory or voluntary for parents/teens.

  • Announce the program in school paper, email blast, website, and social media.

  • Send press release/media advisory to local media to promote the program.

  • Identify prizes to incentivize participation. Reach out to local businesses for donations (gas cards, coffee shop or convenience store gift cards, mugs, water bottles, key chains, or t-shirts), emergency roadside kits, and driving school lessons (discounted or free).

  • Ensure your venue has the required audio-visual and facility requirements (projector, screen, wireless microphones and sound system, climate controls, restrooms, etc.).

  • Establish a sign-in, greeting, and seating process with volunteers.

  • Ensure that attendees complete and return pre- and post-surveys and contact cards.

  • Have fun and save lives!

To become a facilitator, simply complete the form below, or call us at (609) 883-1300, ext. 7541.

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