NJM Insurance Group Returns $41.7 Million to Auto Policyholders

April 10, 2020

Regional Carrier Upholds Legacy of Service During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

WEST TRENTON, NJ – NJM Insurance Group, a leading auto insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region, is returning $41.7 million to policyholders as part of the NJM Policyholder Relief Program. The Program will refund 15% of the equivalent of three months of annual premium payments to the Company's personal auto insurance policyholders.

For more than 100 years, the Company has operated as a mutual for the exclusive benefit of policyholders. The NJM Policyholder Relief Program is a natural extension of this commitment, and it recognizes that coronavirus-related shelter-in-place restrictions have reduced driving across the region.

"The NJM Policyholder Relief Program helps ensure that the premiums paid by our policyholders recognize the changes they have been required to make in their daily lives," said Mitch Livingston, NJM President and CEO.

Policyholders can expect to receive their refunds, via check or direct deposit, in the coming weeks. The 15% refund is calculated based on an annual premium as of April 1.

NJM is taking additional steps to assist policyholders, including extended premium payment deadlines and providing special payment options. More information is available at njm.com/covid.

"The coronavirus pandemic is an evolving public health issue and a matter of great concern for NJM and its policyholders," said Livingston. "Our commitment to serving their needs remains our biggest priority, and we will continue to stand by them during this challenging time."

About NJM Insurance Group

Founded in 1913, NJM is a leading property casualty insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region. The Company offers workers' compensation, auto, homeowners, renters and umbrella coverage in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Headquartered in West Trenton, NJ, NJM employs nearly 2,500 workers and operates in a mutual fashion for the exclusive benefit of its customers. For more information, visit njm.com.