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General Information

Q: What is the difference between www.njm.com, www.njm.com/employee, 1-866-CALL-NJM and other Company phone lines in terms of obtaining the information that is most important to me as an employee? 

A: In order to obtain the most up-to-date details, employees should only go to www.njm.com/employee or call 1-866-CALL-NJM for emergency information. The www.njm.com website is reserved for messaging for policyholders and customers, as are the other NJM phone numbers.

Q: Where should I go for the most up-to-date office schedule information?

A: In the case of a severe weather event such as a snowstorm, employees should primarily rely on the employee website, www.njm.com/employee. The site should be checked during any emergency, and employees are encouraged to check the site for updates before leaving to travel to work. The automated emergency notification message and contacting 1-866-CALL-NJM should be considered supplemental communications.

If there are any updates during business hours, they will be communicated via email, NJM EmployeeNet, or the PA system.

Automated Emergency Notifications FAQs

Q: What is an automated emergency notification?

A: It is either a voice, text or email message that NJM sends through emergency notification software to communicate with employees in the event of an emergency. Most notifications are sent to an employee's phone as a call or text. Employees designate which method they prefer in Workday under the device type, "Company Notification by Phone" or "Company Notification by Text."

Q: What is Send Word Now®?

A: It is a computer software tool that NJM uses to send emergency notifications to employees. Notifications can be sent very quickly to landlines, cell phones, smartphones and email accounts.

Most notifications are sent to an employee's phone as a call or text. Employees designate which method they prefer in Workday under the device type, "Company Notification by Phone" or "Company Notification by Text." Once a system administrator activates a notification through Send Word Now®, it will usually be sent to all employees in less than five minutes.

Q: Who sends the notifications?

A: Business Continuity Planning will send the notifications. Notifications may be sent to all employees, groups, or individuals, depending upon the situation. Once a system administrator activates a notification, it will usually be sent to all employees in fewer than five minutes.

Q: Could I receive a phone call notice in the late evening or early morning?

A: Yes. As an example, in the event adverse weather is forecasted, NJM will carefully monitor conditions. A decision is then made regarding whether or not the scheduled workday at one or more offices will be affected. This decision could be made the evening prior or early in the morning. As soon as the decision has been made, a time-sensitive step-by-step communications process begins, which includes phone calls to employees. The phone calls may come at any time to allow employees to plan accordingly. All efforts are made to provide employees with as much advance notice as possible.

Q: I heard that an emergency notification was sent from the Company, but I did not get the message?

A: Here are some of the reasons why you may not have received the message:

  • Your phone was busy or disconnected and you didn't have a text number designated in Workday to receive text messages.
  • Someone in your home answered the call and forgot to tell you.
  • Your phone or text number in Workday is incorrect.

You should consider these reasons to determine why you did not receive the message and attempt to correct the situation. You can also check www.njm.com/employee to see the message.

Q: I received an emergency notification, but didn't completely understand what it means. What should I do?

A: Visit www.njm.com/employee to see if there is a posted message for employees. The message posted on the website will usually have more detail than the phone or text message. If you need more clarification, please contact your supervisor.

Essential Employee Credentialing Program

Q: What does the term "Essential Employee" refer to?

A: In 2011, NJM received approval through the State of New Jersey to designate certain employees as "Essential" as part of New Jersey's Essential Employee Credentialing Program. The term "Essential Employee" refers to an employee whose services are considered essential during statewide emergency response and recovery operations. This population is issued authorization cards and allowed to travel on the state's roadways (using caution without risking personal safety), when there are travel restrictions in place. You will know if you are part of the Essential Employee Credentialing Program if you have been asked by your department to participate in the program.

When www.njm.com/employee and 1-866-CALL-NJM messages specifically state that only "Essential Employee" cardholders are called in to work, those employees are expected to make all reasonable efforts to report to work (using caution without risking personal safety) when the program is activated and access is permitted by law enforcement. Under this circumstance, only those employees with cards should report to the office. Currently, approximately 1/3 of the employees at NJM are designated as "Essential Employees."

Q: What happens during a State of Emergency?

A: In response to emergency situations, the governor or local mayor in NJ or surrounding states may declare a "State of Emergency," which could provide certain emergency powers to the Attorney General, the Office of Emergency Management, or the State Police to safeguard the public and coordinate a recovery effort. A State of Emergency declaration in some cases might include a change to the normal control and direction of vehicular traffic on state, county or municipal roads. However, a State of Emergency does not automatically mean there is a travel ban or that vehicles are prohibited on roadways. If there is an impact to NJM, the status of any State of Emergency will be posted on www.njm.com/employee.

NJM's decision to have employees report or not report to an office takes many factors into consideration. Employees are expected to make all reasonable efforts to report to work when messaging on the employee website and notifications sent by text and phone advise the office is open.

Q: What is a travel ban?

A: A travel ban is a temporary restriction of nonessential vehicular traffic on selected roadways in a selected municipality and is typically only authorized during a State of Emergency.

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