Buying a Car

When it comes to making big purchases, buying a car nears the top of the list. In addition to considering the type of car that best suits your lifestyle and safety needs, it's important to learn to navigate the interactions between you, your car dealer and your insurance company.

Owning, Financing, or Leasing

  • Your insurance premium is not affected differently if you choose to own, finance or lease.
  • Finance and lease agreements can dictate coverage restrictions — verify liability and deductible requirements with your dealer.
  • Be sure to confirm the name of your lender and have the info on hand to add a vehicle to your policy.
  • Dealerships often require proof on insurance to let you drive off the lot; contact an NJM representative to help you with this!

What Type of Car Can You Insure?

  • A private passenger vehicle that is owned, financed or leased by the named insured or spouse (a co-signer does not have ownership on the vehicle).
  • Coverage for motorcycles, ATVs or watercraft are not provided on your personal auto policy.

Vehicle and Driver Discounts

There are many discounts available for NJM auto policyholders, including a discount for each insured car equipped with an anti-theft or vehicle recovery device, as well as for drivers who have completed an approved defensive driving course.

Applying for Coverage

When filling out your auto insurance application, several factors will determine your policy premium. For instance, whether you’ll be keeping your car in a garage, the proximity of the garage to your home, your typical mileage and your selections for collision and other than collision coverage. Be sure to have the car’s make, model and year available in order to get an accurate quote for coverage.