Gap Insurance

Gap Insurance

This optional coverage, referred to as the Auto Loan/Lease coverage endorsement, is available to NJM auto policyholders who live in Pennsylvania. This endorsement will pay for some or all of the difference between the balance of a loan or lease on a vehicle and what NJM would pay if the car is considered a covered total loss, less policy deductible and any certain specified items.

Know Your Policy

We all know that car insurance helps provide reimbursement for vehicle repairs in the event you're involved in a covered accident. Did you know that NJM policies in Pennsylvania also include:

Limited Pet Coverage
Up to $1,000 for treatment if your dog or cat suffers an injury in a covered loss. That same amount can be used to obtain a new four-legged friend if the loss results in the death of your pet.

New Car Replacement
If you experience a total loss within 12 months of the purchase of a new vehicle, and that vehicle has few than 15,000 miles when you submit your claim, NJM will pay the replacement cost value (less deductible), with no adjustments for depreciation.

Accident Forgiveness

We understand that even careful drivers make an occasional mistake. For eligible customers, one at-fault accident will not be considered when calculating their premium.


  • Tenure of five or more years with the most recent carrier or NJM
  • All drivers on the policy must be clear of moving violations in the past three years
  • All drivers must have no paid claims (excluding other than collision, glass, and towing) in the past five years
  • Any accidents the applicant had prior to binding will not be forgiven
  • No claims within the past 5 years have been forgiven under Accident Forgiveness for any rated driver

Customize Your Policy with Endorsements

Transportation Expense
If your vehicle is involved in a covered loss and carries physical damage coverage, your policy provides rental reimbursement of $20 per day, up to $600 max. You have the option to purchase increased limits of $30 per day/$1,200 max, $50 per day/$2,000 max, $75 per day/$3,000 max, or $100 per day/$4,000 max.

NJM Roadside Assistance
There are two options available — $75 or $125 per covered emergency — and no deductible applies to this coverage. Learn more about this endorsement.