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Data Usage and Smartphone Information

Will the app use my smartphone's data plan?

The NJM SafeDrive app uses minimal amounts of data. The app will automatically use WiFi if available, before using your data plan. If data plan use is a concern, enable the Only upload over WiFi setting. Trips will be recorded and will automatically upload once the smartphone is connected to a WiFi network.

How much battery power does the mobile app consume?

The mobile app uses the phone's GPS while driving. Battery usage is similar to other GPS applications.

Please Note: The battery must be charged at least 15% for the trip detection to start.

What security is in place to protect my trip data?

The protection of policyholder information is extremely important to us. Trip data is collected and used in accordance with an end-user license agreement and NJM's Privacy Policy.

Will trip data impact storage space on my phone?

No. Although scores and other trip information can be viewed in the NJM SafeDrive app, your trip data is not stored on the phone and will not impact storage capacity.

What should I do if I get a new smartphone?

Download and install the NJM SafeDrive app and log in using your User ID (email address used to enroll in the program) and password. You will be prompted to select the new phone to be used to record trips and should select Yes, use this phone.

What should I do if I lose my phone?

Contact NJM so that we can disable your account to prevent access to your trip details.

How do I stop participating in NJM SafeDrive?

Contact NJM to unenroll from the program. Once you unenroll, you must delete the NJM SafeDrive app from your smartphone.

Please note: The NJM SafeDrive discount will be removed for the driver who no longer participates and may impact your policy premium.