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Get Started with NJM SafeDrive

What is NJM SafeDrive?

NJM SafeDrive is a voluntary program that encourages safer driving and offers a discount on your car insurance if you choose to participate. A smartphone app is used to measure driving behaviors and provide feedback to you and information to NJM regarding your acceleration, braking, cornering, distracted driving, and speed. The app measures the following data points:

  • Acceleration — sharp increases in speed
  • Braking — hard braking occurrences
  • Cornering — the angle and speed of a turn
  • Distracted Driving — handling or interaction with the smartphone while the vehicle is in operation
  • Speed — measured and compared to the posted speed limit

What are the benefits of NJM SafeDrive?

  • Receive a discount for participating in the program
  • Gain insight into driving behavior
  • Create a learning opportunity for newer drivers
  • Engage in friendly competition with other participants through the Leaderboard

What devices is the app compatible with?

The app is compatible with most iPhones and Android smartphones. Your device is eligible if you are able to download the NJM SafeDrive app from Google Play or the App Store. Tablets, smartwatches, and Windows smartphones are currently not supported.

How do I enroll in NJM SafeDrive?

To enroll, select the NJM SafeDrive option when purchasing your policy. Each driver who enrolls will receive an email with instructions for downloading and setting up the app. Any covered driver who has a compatible smartphone can participate.

Will NJM sell my driving data to third parties?

No, NJM will not sell your information to third parties. The data collected by the smartphone app is owned by NJM and may be used to analyze participants' driving behavior.

What if a driver using NJM SafeDrive gets in an accident?

We will not use NJM SafeDrive data for claims purposes without your consent. However, we will release the data if legally required to do so. See the NJM Privacy Policy for more information.