Experience Pays Dividends

Insurance Dividends

New Jersey policyholders are eligible to receive dividends, which reduce the overall cost of auto and home insurance.

NJM was established more than 100 years ago by customers committed to providing reliable, cost-effective, and safety-focused insurance. Returning dividends to them when we're able is just one example of that enduring commitment.

Dividends amount to a percentage of the premium you paid on your prior year's policy. New Jersey policyholders with NJM Auto, Homeowners, Condo, and Renters Insurance receive a dividend that is applied as a credit to the policy premium when the policy renews the following year.

New Jersey policyholders with NJM Auto Insurance may also receive a second dividend, known as a "special dividend," which comes in the form of a check.

Dividends are part of what makes NJM unique. Together with our devotion to improving safety on the road and at home, supporting the communities we serve, and faithfully delivering on our promise to be there for you when you need us most, they help set us apart in a busy marketplace and help define the "extraordinary value" we bring to our customers.

║ With respect to dividend advertisements, NJM shares positive financial results with its policyholders in the form of dividends. For this reason, the payment of a dividend is not guaranteed. Dividends are not paid on all policy forms or in every state in which NJM operates.

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