Safety Check

Workers' Compensation Loss Prevention

Our in-house Engineering Department inspects NJ business facilities and explains the practical steps necessary to avoid costly injuries. The staff is composed of engineers, industrial hygienists and training specialists experienced in most areas of business and industry, who are familiar with NJ Labor Department regulations. They help employers maintain a solid record of workplace safety. When a serious accident does occur, a representative can provide a loss analysis to reduce the risk of repeat injuries.

The staff conducts training seminars at the employer's site about workplace safety and careful operation of vehicles and equipment. NJM's online Video Training Library provides policyholders with access to more educational programs.

Employers may borrow videos on such topics as construction safety, ergonomics, forklift operation, hazard communication, hearing protection, substance abuse and many more. NJM also offers policyholders a collection of booklets, posters and other literature regarding various safety topics.

To contact our Engineering Department, please call: 1-800-232-6600, ext. 6410.