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Navigating Careers Website

Have questions about using NJM's careers website? Below are answers to common questions.

How do I search for positions?

To search for open positions, visit NJM's careers website. There are a few different ways to find positions:

  1. Use the magnifying glass icon to search by key words;
  2. Use the "Sort by" function to sort by job title, job location, or the date the job was posted; or
  3. Click on "View" to change how the career opportunities are displayed to the view that is most convenient for you.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying, and meet all the position's requirements,

  1. Click on "Apply Now" to create an account with your email address and a password.
  2. Complete the required steps to submit an application.

If you have trouble submitting your application online, contact us at (609) 883-1300, ext. 3327 for assistance.

How do I share a position with friends or colleagues?

To share career opportunities with friends or colleagues:

  1. To share the entire careers site, click on the blue "Share" button and select how you would like to share it. Options include email and social media.
  2. To share a specific job, click on the job posting. You will see a share icon in the bottom right of your screen. Options include email and social media.
  3. To share opportunities through the official NJM social media accounts, connect with us through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. To share opportunities by text message, visit the Careers tab of our Facebook page.

How can I sign up for email alerts to let me know about any future positions that meet my search criteria?

With any position search, you have the option to save the search criteria as a Job Search Alert. This will generate email notifications to you whenever a new position meeting your criteria is posted.

Log in to create and manage Job Search Alerts.

NJM is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to attracting, retaining and promoting an inclusive workforce that is fully representative of the diversity that exists in the communities in which we do business.