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How to Prepare for a Video Interview

Whether you are a seasoned professional or fresh out of school, video interviewing presents some unique challenges. Here are six critical steps you can take to present yourself in the best way for your virtual job interview:

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

  • Find a quiet place to interview that will be free of distractions and disruptions.

  • Avoid showing clutter or anything potentially inappropriate or offensive in your background. Be aware of what your interviewer will see, which includes what appears on your computer if you plan to present any content during the interview.

  • Silence or turn off your cell phone.

Test Your Equipment in Advance

  • Turn on and test your internet connection, microphone, speakers, and camera prior to the scheduled interview.

  • Confirm your browser is compatible and the app is working (if applicable).

  • If using a portable device, fully charge it prior to the interview.

  • Log in to your video interview at least five to ten minutes early, just in case you have problems and need time to troubleshoot them.

Adjust Your Camera's Framing and Lighting

  • Ensure that lighting is adequate.

  • Avoid being too close or too far from the camera. Your head and shoulders should be centered on the screen.

Dress and Prepare for the Job Interview

  • Dress professionally.

  • Prepare for the interview as you would for an on-site meeting.

  • Practice responses in advance to common interview questions, such as why you left positions, why you are interested in the opportunity, your compensation expectations, your understanding of what the company does, etc.

  • Rehearse your "elevator speech" in which you concisely speak to your qualifications and experience.

  • Always have at least a few questions prepared to ask the recruiter about the job or the company that do not include salary or benefits.

Speak Clearly, Provide Good Eye Contact, and Monitor Your Body Language

  • To provide eye contact, look directly at your computer's camera. Avoid looking at the image of yourself or the interviewer.

  • Avoid the behaving too casually in a video interview.

  • Save your breakfast for later — do not have gum or food of any kind in your mouth while speaking.

  • Avoid using slang or any form of profanity in your responses.

  • Sit up straight for your interview. Do not move around in your chair unless it is necessary.

Role Play a Video Interview in Advance

  • Practice a few mock Skype or FaceTime interviews with a friend to get more comfortable with the format.

  • Seek out constructive feedback about your verbal and non-verbal communication during the practice interview(s) and adjust when necessary.

Give yourself a competitive advantage by standing out and shining as a well-prepared candidate. Following these tips will give you more confidence and make you look more professional and prepared for the job.

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