Sail Through Moving Day

From organizing moving boxes by room (makes for some mega-efficient unpacking) to hiring professionals to give you a hand, here are simple ways to save time and effort.

  • Need to hire movers? Here are 11 tips on finding and hiring a reputable company.
  • Buy moving box labels. Make prep for your big move easier (and avoid writer's cramp) by spending a few dollars on pre-printed, color-coded stickers that can be used to note the designated room for each box. Your moving company may even provide these — and packing supplies — at a discount.

Write a Checklist

Plan ahead and make a checklist! There is a lot you can do in advance to prepare for your move, making the big day less stressful.

Change Your Address and Notify Important Parties

Fill out a change of address form at

  • Call utilities to cancel, transfer or set up new services: electric, cable/satellite, internet and landline phone, cell phone and more.

  • Inform businesses, including your bank, credit card companies, insurance company, gym, and pharmacy of your move, and update monthly memberships, such as Netflix and magazine subscriptions.

  • Notify government offices, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security Administration, and State/Federal Tax Bureau.

You May Need Renters Insurance

Your landlord’s insurance covers the building, but not your belongings. If you rent, your personal property, such as furniture, electronics, small appliances and clothing, is covered in the event they are stolen or damaged as the result of fire, vandalism and other covered losses.

  • Renters insurance not only protects your possessions, it also covers temporary living expenses should you need to relocate due to a covered loss. And the coverage follows you and your belongings wherever you go.

  • A renter's policy also provides personal liability protection in the event you are sued because someone was injured on your property, or if you cause damage to someone else’s property.

  • Renters insurance is affordable. The average policy costs between $5–$15 per month, depending on your coverage limits and deductible.

Start to Feel at Home

Once you’re moved in, get to know your neighborhood! Look for deals on and discover things to do nearby, including shows, concerts, shopping, spa deals, and more. Or try local restaurants at a discount by purchasing a $25 gift certificate for only $10. Finally, volunteering in your new community is another quick and easy way to get to know people.

Homeowners Insurance

Did you decide to buy your first home? Congratulations! Your lender most likely will require you to have home insurance coverage to protect your home in case of damage cause by unforeseen circumstances, such as fires or natural disasters.

If you purchased a condominium, you’ll want to purchase a specialized condo insurance policy.

Car Insurance - Bundle to Save

Bundle your NJM renters or homeowners policy with your car insurance and save!