Changing Jobs

Have you recently changed jobs or retired? Are you now working from home? A new job or retiring can change many of your insurance needs. Here are some things to consider if your employment status has recently changed:

Working from Home/Business Exposures

Homeowners Insurance:

  • When working from home it is important to remember that there is no professional liability provided for you or your relatives under your homeowners policy. Umbrella policies do not cover business activities and professional exposures as well.

  • Check with your employer to see to see what coverage they provide for telecommuting employees. Be sure to discuss any additional insurance you may need now that you are working from home.

Update Usage:

  • If you are working from home or no longer commuting daily to work, your vehicle usage may have changed. Automobiles used to drive back and forth from work each day are often considered your primary vehicle. If you are only driving occasionally due to an employment change your vehicle may now be considered a pleasure vehicle.

  • Contact your auto insurer about any changes in your vehicle usage. You may be entitled to a premium reduction if you’re using your vehicle less.

Health Insurance Change

When you switch jobs or retire one of the many things that can change is your health insurance.

Changes in your health insurance can also affect your auto insurance.

PIP Medical Primary:

  • PIP stands for “Personal Injury Protection.” PIP provides medical coverage for injuries suffered by you or others in an auto accident. While you can choose your health insurer as your primary PIP provider it is important to check with your provider if they will cover auto accident injuries and how much coverage they will provide. If you are using Medicare and Medicaid as your health insurer you will not be able to select either as your primary PIP provider.


  • Non-medical PIP offers coverage for expenses other than medical, suffered after an auto accident. This includes loss wages and the hiring of someone to take care of you, your family or home. After you’ve changed jobs or retired you should speak with your auto insurer to discuss your current non-medical coverage and any changes you may need to make due to your new employment status.

Other Policy Updates


  • How far you drive your car each day can affect the price of your auto insurance. If you are now working from home or retired you may be driving less. Reducing the miles you drive each week may save you money on your auto policy. Be sure inform your auto insurer if changes in your employment have changed the amount of miles you drive your car each day.

Contact Info:

  • If you have recently changed jobs or have retired be sure to call you insurance company, so that your most recent phone number and other contact information is up to date on your account.