Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Rules & Forms

New Jersey law requires Decision Point Review, Precertification and Notification Requirements for patients who are injured in auto accidents and their medical providers.

You may view and print:

  • Important no-fault medical information for the insured.
  • Health care providers must send their treatment plans to NJM in writing using the Attending Provider Treatment Plan (APTP) form. The provider's signature is required, so the document must be printed, signed and mailed or faxed to the appropriate NJM office below.
  • In addition to the APTP, we require supplemental information for all requests for surgical procedures (CPTs 10000-69999). This information may be submitted on the Surgery Precertification Request NJ No-Fault Claims form by mail or fax with the completed APTP to the appropriate NJM office below.
  • All requests for Post-Service Appeals must include a fully completed Post-Service Appeals Form as the cover page and must be faxed to NJM at 1-609-963-6075. We will neither accept, nor respond to, submissions sent to any other fax number or that fail to include a fully completed Post-Service Appeals Form.


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