NJ Drivers Deserve More Than Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance can come at the cost of reliable service and quality coverage

Drivers in New Jersey deserve auto insurance they can trust. But, like many other industries, you often get what you pay for. Cheap auto insurance may sound nice, but you could end up owing thousands of dollars because your policy doesn't include enough coverage. NJM can help you understand your options so that you can choose a policy that meets your coverage and budget needs.

What Is Cheap Auto Insurance?

Cheap car insurance typically means having the minimum amount of coverage legally required by the State. Opting for a policy with lower limits may save you some money in the short term, but if you cause an accident, you could be responsible for any amount over your insurance limits needed to settle a claim.

Cost should not be your primary driver when shopping for car insurance. Compare coverages and deductibles between each quote you receive. In the long run, choosing the right amount of coverage will help save you money if you ever need to use it.

Car Insurance Savings

There are many ways to save on car insurance without decreasing your coverage limits. Here are a few options offered to NJM policyholders:

  • Home + Auto Bundle: Bundling your home and auto policies may decrease your insurance costs.

  • Discounts: Did you buy a brand new car? Do you own multiple vehicles? These are just two of several discounts we offer to help you save on your car insurance.

  • Policy Review: If you have questions about your premium or want to make sure you're taking advantage of all the discounts we offer, contact us and we'll conduct a policy review, free of charge!

Join the NJM Family!

NJM not only offers competitive rates on car insurance, we also have a nationwide reputation for outstanding customer and claims service. As an NJM customer, you'll enjoy the benefits of being part of the family, which comprises more than 450,000 car insurance policyholders, 93% of whom renew their policies with us each year. Get a free auto insurance quote today and enjoy the benefits of NJM Auto Insurance.

‡ The discount does not apply on New Jersey Re-Insurance Company auto policies.