Homeowners Claims
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Homeowners Insurance Claims FAQs


Is my claim covered?

Report the information and an adjuster will review your policy for coverage and advise you.

Can we have a contractor come in?

To do emergency repairs only! This is only to secure the home against further damage. While repairmen are there, have them prepare a detailed report of what caused the problem and retain itemized bills.

Can I take pictures and start repair work?

Any repairs, which are started prior to the adjuster inspecting the damage, should be limited to emergency repairs, only to prevent additional damage.

Will NJM pay for alternative accommodations?

If your home is not livable or you have been evacuated by a civil authority, you may be entitled to additional living expense reimbursement if it is as a result of a covered peril.

Do I have to keep the spoiled food?

No. Make a list of food and save labels of unusual merchandise.

Water Damage

May I call a plumber to fix the leaks, replace the pipes, etc.?

Yes, depending upon the cause of the breakage in the pipe, the pipe may be covered. Make emergency repairs only, do not do cosmetic repairs.

May I have someone pump out water from basement?

Yes, this will protect against further damage. A claims representative will review your policy and advise you regarding coverage.

May I have someone come in and clean up water damage to the house?

Yes, reasonable and necessary emergency repairs to protect the property should be completed. Keep an accurate record of the expenses to support the claim.

Wind Damage

Do I have to save shingles blown off of the roof?

If the shingles are in the yard, you can save them. Also, take pictures of the damaged areas and shingles.

My roof is fairly new; will I get a new roof?

A claims representative will review your policy for coverage, inspect the roof and advise you.

Lightning Damage

May I have appliances fixed?

Have appliances evaluated for causation and repairability. Save receipt that identifies cause, if the appliance is repairable or if it requires replacement.