Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance

Pennsylvania holds a lot of history within its borders. Since the days of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, home styles have changed quite a bit in the Keystone State. Whether you live in a row home, a rural farmhouse, or a single home in the suburbs, NJM has you covered with a homeowners insurance policy.

Who needs homeowners insurance?

Walk through your home and start adding up the cost of everything inside of it. Your dining room set, your desktop computer, your wardrobe … If your house were to experience damage such as a fire or a burglary, would you be able to afford to replace all of those items? Although it is not required by law in the state of Pennsylvania, we think if you have a home, you should invest in homeowners insurance. Your home is unique, and your policy should be, too. NJM uses its extensive experience to craft a customized policy for every type of house, and coverage beyond just your dwelling.

How much is homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania?

Based on national averages, homeowners in the Keystone State pay similar rates to those across the country. Home insurance costs are typically calculated using information on the home's age, size, construction type, replacement cost, and location. With Pennsylvania's climate, the possibility of an extreme weather event (such as a snowstorm or tornado) is also taken into account and can affect your rate. NJM will work with you to create a policy that fits just right and will give you peace of mind.

You can also receive bonuses for joining the NJM family, including:

  • Auto + Home bundle discount: If you already have an NJM auto policy, adding your homeowners insurance to your policy is easy and helps you save.

  • Safe home discount: A security system does more than just offer another layer of protection for your home. We'll give you a discount for taking additional steps to protect your family.

  • New construction home discount: You worked towards buying that perfect home built just for you. NJM wants to reward you for that.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

In PA, there are several types of coverage that are included in any basic homeowners insurance policy. Those include coverage of your actual home (dwelling) and other structures on the property, personal property, loss of use of your home due to damage, personal liability, and medical payments to others. Basically, we've got your back if you experience damage to your home and need to replace any of your personal belongings, or if a friend is injured at your house and has medical expenses that need to be paid. If you think you need additional coverage, we can offer that, too. Endorsements allow you to add coverage for valuable items like jewelry and family heirlooms, as well as coverage for credit card fraud or identity theft.

Why NJM?

Throughout nearly 100 years of serving homeowners and renters, we've insured just about every type of home. From the historic row homes in Old City to today's contemporary homes in Blue Bell, the styles may have changed but our commitment to service hasn't. The last thing you want in the unfortunate event of a fire, storm damage, or burglary is a surprise from the people who should have answers. Our team will walk you through the claims process and make sure all of your questions are handled, including what happens next. And because we provide you with an up-to-date cost to rebuild, renovate, or repair your home, you won't be left guessing about the right amount of coverage.