Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance

We've seen almost every type of house during our almost 100 years of insuring homeowners. From the Cape Cods of the 1940s to today's contemporary homes, the styles may have changed but our commitment to service hasn't. It's why we insure more than your dwelling and make our policies personal.

Coverage You Need, Service You Never Expected

Insurance is unique just like your home. The last thing you want in the unfortunate event of fire, storm damage, or burglary is surprises from the people who should have answers. Our team will walk you through the claims process and make sure all of your questions are handled, including what happens next. And because we provide you with an up-to-date cost to rebuild your home, you won't be left guessing the right amount of coverage.

Expanding Your Coverage

NJM offers you the opportunity to personalize and expand your Homeowners Insurance coverage. By customizing your policy, you can cover your house and personal possessions, and also insure expensive jewelry, silverware, articles of clothing, and even provide coverage for identity and credit card fraud.