NJM Rated Among Best Auto Insurance Companies in NJ

NJM once again achieved superb results in the most recent New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance Consumer Information Report, demonstrating its strong commitment to maintaining the highest levels of customer service.

While insuring more than 830,000 vehicles, NJM recorded a complaint ratio of 0.0012, the result of only one valid complaint in 2018. By comparison, the average number of valid complaints against all other major carriers* was 15 — and NJM's four largest competitors averaged 24 valid complaints.

NJM has been an industry leader since the report was first issued in 1988, highlighted by the following:

  • Zero valid complaints in three of the last seven years
  • Only 11 valid complaints in the last decade
  • The lowest complaint ratio among major carriers in 8 of the last 10 years

View the full report, which shows NJM's favorable performance compared with our competitors.

* Those insuring in excess of 100,000 vehicles.