Homeowner Insurance Quotes for New Jersey and Pennsylvania Residents

Homeowners, renters and dwelling insurance policies are available to residents of New Jersey or Pennsylvania who meet our membership and underwriting requirements.

Membership Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible to apply for NJM homeowners insurance coverage if you or your spouse are:

  • Currently employed by a member organization of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA); or
  • Currently employed by the State of New Jersey; or
  • Currently employed by a New Jersey county, municipality, or township; or
  • Currently employed by a New Jersey public school; or
  • Currently employed by the federal government; or
  • The named insured or resident spouse on a current or previous NJM policy for car insurance or homeowners insurance; or
  • A current or previous resident insured operator of a vehicle covered under an NJM car insurance policy; or
  • A current or previous insured operator on an NJM commercial auto policy.

Download an application

It's easy to download, fill out and mail us an application to receive a quote on insuring your residence. A homeowners policy is for any house, apartment or condominium where you live full time, even if you rent it from someone else. A dwelling policy is for a residence that you own but occupy only on a seasonal basis, or you rent it to others.

What do you want to apply for? We also offer flood and umbrella coverage.

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