Auto Claims Settlement

There are several options available for claim payments.

If you use an auto body shop in our Premier Car Care Network, we will pay the facility directly for covered damage. For settlements or repairs completed at other licensed facilities, we may be able to send payments directly to the shop (with your permission), or we may pay you directly.

Payments to you may be sent via check or through the electronic payment application Zelle, if eligible. Please ask your adjuster for more details. Zelle is a service through which we can make claim payments directly into your bank account. If you are eligible to receive a claim payment through Zelle, you will need to provide your consent as well as provide us with the email or cell phone number associated with your Zelle account. If you do not have a Zelle account, you can register through their website. Please contact your adjuster for more information.

Some states require insurance companies to offer specific coverage for accident-related medical expenses. If you are injured in an automobile accident and live in one of these states, you will need to file a claim with your insurance company in order to qualify for this coverage. Your insurance company will pay for your accident-related medical expenses (up to your chosen coverage limit), regardless of who is responsible for the accident.

The adjuster handling your personal injury protection (PIP) or medical expense claim would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this coverage.

If you lease or finance your vehicle, the lienholder must appear on the settlement check, since it holds a financial interest in the vehicle. Financial institutions vary in how they handle insurance settlement check endorsements. You should contact your lienholder to get information on what steps you may need to take.

If you select one of NJM's Premier Car Care Network facilities to repair your vehicle, we will pay the shop directly. This eliminates the requirement to include a lienholder on the check, which means you won't need to have them to endorse the check to you. Another advantage is that work completed at our PCC shops is guaranteed for 2 years.

NJM's preliminary inspection is limited to the damage that is visible from the exterior. During the repair process, it is common for the auto body shop to find additional damage that was not visible during the initial exterior inspection. If your auto body shop finds additional damage, it will notify our appraiser, and a supplemental estimate can be written for additional damage that was caused by the accident. Supplemental estimates are a common step in the repair process.

If you have questions regarding the repairs to your vehicle, you should contact the body shop that completed the repairs. Your repair facility will be the most knowledgeable about your vehicle and what the repairs entailed.

If you have further questions about your claim, your claims adjuster is available to help.

Subrogation refers to the process by which NJM attempts to recover the payments NJM or you have made, including your deductible. If you have collision coverage on your vehicle and another driver was at fault for the accident, NJM will attempt to recover any payments it made from that driver's insurance company. If you don't have collision coverage, you may also contact the other insurance company and file your claim through them. Please note that we will try our best to recover the full amount, but the recovery process is not guaranteed.

When two or more insurance companies cannot come to an agreement over who caused the accident or the amount owed, they may participate in Intercompany Arbitration. The arbitrator reviews the evidence submitted by each insurance company, and then makes a decision that the insurance companies are required to honor.

Depending on how successful we are in arbitration, your deductible may be refunded to you in part or whole. In many cases, we receive the results of arbitration within three to six months. Some claims present challenges and the process can be longer. For example, claims that are litigated can take years to resolve. Other claims resolve much more quickly.

If another party is responsible for the accident, you may be able to recover expenses you incurred, such as auto rental fees beyond your chosen transportation coverage limit. You will need to submit those expenses directly to the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Your assigned NJM claims representative can provide you with contact information for the insurer and answer any questions you may have on this process.

Please provide your detailed statement to your claims representative as well as all photos and videos of the loss. If the claim moves into litigation, your cooperation with trial appearances and depositions will be essential.

The information contained on this page should not be construed as legal, financial or insurance advice. The coverage afforded for a particular loss depends on the specific facts and the terms, exclusions, and limits of the actual policy. Nothing on this site alters the terms or conditions of any policy; the policy controls coverage. Coverage options, limits, discounts, deductibles, and other features are subject to underwriting criteria, state availability, and effective dates. Coverage provided and underwritten by NJM Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, 301 Sullivan Way, W. Trenton, NJ 08628.