Delaware Workers' Compensation Insurance

We know there's a lot more to Delaware than simply being known as the First State. Your beaches, like Rehoboth and Lewes, rival any others in the region. And when it comes to shopping, no sales tax makes it a shopper's paradise.

Companies in Delaware can add being eligible to apply for NJM Workers' Compensation insurance to its list of perks!

Who Is NJM?

NJM is among the Mid‐Atlantic's largest property and casualty insurers. The Company operates in a mutual fashion for the sole benefit of its customers and is known for its nationally acclaimed customer service, which has been consistently recognized by a number of independent, third-party consumer surveys.

Caring for Your Employees

A worker's on‐the‐job injury may involve more than lost time. It can also include medical care expenses, prescriptions, and lost income.

We provide a comprehensive, seamless approach to claims management and quality, cost‐effective medical treatment for injured workers.

Reducing Your Premium Payment

NJM shares positive financial results with our customers in the form of dividends, which help to reduce premium payments for the following year.*

Helping You Improve Workplace Safety

Companies that maintain active safety programs, and diligently identify and correct safety problems, can reasonably expect fewer on‐the‐job injuries — an outcome that benefits workers and employers. Reducing the frequency and severity of workplace injuries will also help control the cost of workers' compensation insurance. NJM provides many resources to assist and complement your safety efforts.

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*While not guaranteed, dividends have been issued every year since 1918.