New Jersey Workers' Compensation Insurance

New Jersey is home to many industries, like the tourism industry that thrives along the Jersey Shore and the higher education sector that produces cutting edge scientific innovations. Throughout the Garden State, thousands of businesses have NJM Workers' Compensation insurance. Find out why NJM has been New Jersey's leading workers' compensation insurance provider for more than 70 years.

Who Needs Workers' Compensation Insurance?

In the state of New Jersey, all companies are required to have workers' compensation insurance. That includes corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. This is to ensure that all employees who are injured while on the job are covered for any lost wages, medical expenses, or survivor benefits in the event of an injury that results in death.

How Much Is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Workers' compensation insurance premiums are calculated based on three primary factors: job classifications, annual payroll, and previous claim activity and experience. For example, a company whose employees perform work with a high risk of injury will pay more in workers' compensation insurance than one whose employees perform mainly desk work.

Controlling Costs

To help control costs, NJM provides many claims management services, including medical utilization, physician billing review, and case management.

Our loss prevention department helps companies reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries, which also helps control the cost of workers' compensation insurance. Companies that diligently identify, correct, and prevent safety problems can reasonably expect fewer on-the-job injuries. NJM provides many resources to complement your safety efforts.

In addition to promoting increased safety efforts in the workplace, NJM also helps reduce premium payments by sharing positive financial results with our customers in the form of dividends.

Third Party Administrator (TPA) Services

If your company self-insures for workers' compensation insurance, it can save money by choosing the right TPA. NJM's Third-Party Administrator program helps your company save time, money, and resources through customized claims handling and loss prevention services.

Why NJM?

NJM has been New Jersey's leading workers' compensation insurance provider for more than 70 years. Founded by policyholders for policyholders, NJM operates for your exclusive benefit. That's why we've made dividend payments to our customers — not stockholders — every year since 1918. Contact NJM's team of dedicated account representatives today to learn how we can support your company's business insurance needs.

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║ NJM shares positive financial results with its policyholders in the form of dividends. For this reason, the payment of a dividend is not guaranteed. Dividends are not paid on all policy forms or in every state in which NJM operates.