New Jersey Renters Insurance

Your Place in NJ Just Got a New Sun Roof. Now What?

Bad storm, bad upstairs neighbor or maybe a bad ceiling. Sure, the landlord will cover any building damage with his or her policy but what about your damaged TV, damaged sofa, and your friend's busted arm. Having NJM Renters Insurance means you're covered whether the ceiling caves in, a thief breaks in, or your washing machine decided to wash your entire apartment. You also get paid additional living expenses if you have to relocate temporarily. Plus, your policy pays for injuries or property damage to others. We protect your stuff and more.

Treating Renters Like Owners

There’s more to insurance than coverages and deductibles. This is a service industry. For more than 100 years, NJM has been synonymous with its customer service. It’s personal and real. Even when you file a claim, we’re available to answer your questions anytime. We’ll also follow up to let you know the status.